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MEET YOUR HOST: Kitty Edwards

Kitty has been a caregiver for many people in her life. She knows that caregiving is an intimate and personal journey. Caregiving is at times overwhelming and yet it is such an honor to care so tenderly for another. Kitty knows that developing caregiving rituals helps to relieve stress, release grief and build resilience.  


Kitty has worked with a wide variety of caregivers – adult children caring for elderly parents, parents caring for very sick children, a spouse caring for his partner, professional caregivers working in palliative and hospice care, ICU doctors and nurses. It has been her privilege to listen to their stories that express their frustrations, challenges, and the priceless moments of joy.

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Her brush with death in early childhood introduced her to the world beyond death. She has studied with wisdom keepers on three continents, learning various methods to cross the threshold of death in service to herself and others. In her private practice as an Ayni Energy practitioner, Kitty helps those confronted by death find the courage to release their fears.


Kitty is the author of many articles on the use of rituals to prepare for death as a rite of passage. She has developed mythic and energetic practices that deepen our understanding of the psychological and emotional closure needed in the dying process. 


Kitty serves as the Executive Director of The Living & Dying Consciously Project, a non-profit organization that offers workshops in Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying and Conscious Caregiving. She is the co-founder of the No Regrets Project and Conversations on Death in Boulder, Colorado where she works from home in these unusual times.

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